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Editorial Design, Icons, posters, typography, handmade illustrations, graphics and some stuff in between.

How To Dress Well

Poster Design

Gig poster for American musician How To Dress Well at Stall 6 in Zurich.

Power Play

Poster Design

Poster design for a group exhibition at Colab Gallery in Weil am Rhein titled Power Play.

Müllair 1 & 2

Graphic Design

Snowboarding was one of my biggest passion in my youth and designing a snowboard my dream. Nearly twenty years later the dream came true when Nicolas Müller asked me to design his first pro model for Gnu Snowboards.

I ended up designing two boards. After discussing with Nicolas his point of view, I was totally free. The first board goes back in time to the good old starting days of snowboarding when fun ruled.

The second one is going more futuristic. Can you spot Nicolas' face looking up to the spirit in the sky?


Fresh Up

Editorial Design

Freshcom is a young and busy film- and concept-agency. Their magazine Fresh Up is a bi-annually print publication about their projects and trips. It's great to support them with art direction and cover illustration.

Hong Kong: City Grafix Remix & Almost Utopia

Poster Design

My graphical output of the trip to Hong Kong with the master classes of ZHdK.


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Illustrations of people with disabilities for the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI).

Tidal Art Show

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Home Street Home Records

Graphic Design

Record cover for the beat compilation 87 Trees of Home Street Home Records.

Blue Tomato


Illustration for the Christmas box for friends and employees of Blue Tomato.


Graphic Poster Series

The goal of the poster series was to show the brand as little as possible and yet giving the idea of the brand.

Doodah Skatescouts


This handmade skateboard series was made for the Doodah X Fumetto Art exhibition.

⅋etc.※ A blast from the past

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