Branding & Art Direction

Branding is one of my favorite disciplines as it is at the heart of graphic design. Giving an image to a brand, a product or a company is simply great. And it's great when it's simple.


Logo Design

Krater is a Techno party series in Berne's legendary Gaskessel.

Blue Diversion

Corporate Design

The Blue Diversion is an autarky toilet system for developing countries. It separates urine and faeces so they can be used as fertilizers later. The used water is filtered in a multi-barrier treatment system and reused on-site. The toilet has been developed by Eawag and designed by Austrian design agency EOOS as part of the "Reinvent the toilet challenge" funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All pictures by Eawag.


The logo design refers to the two separated water streams, the water savings, the possibility of flushing and the fact that one can wash its hands.

Birri Cycle

Corporate Design

Based in Basel and Berlin, Birri Cycle do hand-made bike frames.


I designed the icon to be used both ways – horizontally and vertically.


Art Direction

Makerball is a pure and simple DIY Pinball Machine Kit for adults that can be upgraded digitally.


Art Direction included everything from logo and graphic design to video- & photo shootings, t-shirt collection and social media campaign.

Makerball is supported by Pro Helvetia


Icon Design

The yin/yang-mountain icon became the recurring element in all of Nicolas Müllers pro models at Gnu Snowboards. 

The idea was to create an icon that is recognizable and simple, and yet fits to Nicolas' state of mind.


Art Direction

Man.Kind is short for "Manufacture One of a kind" and was a one seasonal clothing project of mine.

Most pieces were limited to one piece and therefore sold out quickly.


The Art Direction included all the graphics, logo design and photo shootings. (†)

Chantal Bavaud Product Design

Corporate Design

Chantal Bavaud is a talented Swiss Product Designer working for clients and realizing personal projects.


The logo design is a playful object consisting of her name's initial letters.

Red Bull Tourbus

Logo Design

Logo design pitch for the Swiss edition of Red Bull Tourbus. RB Tourbus is an old Saurer truck with a concert stage on the roof touring through Switzerland.

♪ ☻ ♪

The Gushi Agency

Corporate Identity

The Gushi Agency was a Zurich-based, international DJ agency mainly for Hip Hop and RnB artists.


The Corporate Identity – logo redesign and poster designs for their regular parties in Zurich – is a remix of James Bond, Ninja, Palms and Pyramids in the style of old movie posters.


Corporate Identity

Thirdeyeland is the clothing project of French-German Sexy P.

Since the biginning I am responsible for the Corporate Identity and most of the graphics. Fun project for sure.




Once the days of fossil fuels are counted. How will we design in a post-fossil era?
That's the main question at Postfossil –a Swiss design collective originally consisting of 5 members.

Handsome Habibi

Corporate Identity

There are rumors that say Handsome Habibi was the brainchild of two Dubai-based DJs. I never met them.


The Corporate Identity however is a remix of turbans, hip hop and ancient times.

More Corporates

Corporate Identity

A selection of older Corporate Identities I made.